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Shiso® Purper Vinegar

Flavour: refined, Shiso® Purple
Use: all dishes
Culture: n/a
Availability: year-round
Packaging: 30 cl. bottle

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Koppert Cress is known to develop ingredients with different colours, fragrances, forms and tastes. These are made to make courses more tasteful than they already are.

Our most well known Cress is Shiso Purple. Many users appreciate the colour and taste of this Cress. In order to widen the application we have developed a Shiso Purple Wine Vinegar.

Shiso Purple Vinegar has a beautiful intensive purple colour and the taste is very refined and generous like the Shiso Purple Cress.

Shiso Purple Vinegar can be used for making of sauces, desserts and salads.
The 30 cl. bottles have the exclusive Koppert-signature guaranteeing an excellent quality.