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The Energy Roof (ENERGIEDAK) Project at Koppert Cress

2 August 2017

The Energy Roof (ENERGIEDAK) Project of Koppert Cress is a special project where the rooftop of the Koppert Cress building is being used to harvest heat in the summer and use this in the winter period. With this special system the dependency of the company on fossil fuels is being reduced.

The project finds its origin with in underground heat /cold storage facility of Koppert Cress. In the summer period the greenhouse is being cooled down to control the temperature and harvest the heat at the same time. This heat is injected 170 metres into the ground under the building. Thanks to a 'Greendeal' with the government Koppert Cress has granted permission to save water at a temperature of 40°C instead of the standard 25°C. Therefore the company can use their resources in a more efficient way.

To maximize the use this heat saving capacity Koppert Cress decided to fill their roof with solar collectors. After the water is been used to cool the greenhouse, it is tranfered to the roof to be heated (extra) by the sun and injected into the underground source. For this purpose a unique system of solar collectors is being developed.

- 21 sections
- 2.314 m2 space
- 1.582 collector panels