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Two new flavours in collection Koppert Cress

2 July 2013

The second half of 2013 has started and still we are trying to surprise you with new flavours in our assortment. We are introducting two new products.

Asanga Cress® is a sturdy type of cress with a light acidic flavour, which makes it an ideal accompaniment to fatty food types such as eel, mackerel, liver, and sweetbread.
Asanga Cress also makes a wonderful addition to salads, in combination with crab, lobster, or shellfish. Asanga Cress originates from a small island in the Pacific Ocean. There the plant is frequently used make a kind of tea. The plant is reputed to help to reduce blood pressure.


Wadi Tops® have the recognizable Mediterranean flavour of fresh green olives.
Wadi Tops therefore make an ideal addition to many southern European dishes, for instance from the cuisines of Portugal, Italy, and Spain.
Wadi Tops also combine well with lamb or vegetarian dishes. Origin Wadi Tops originate from the region around the Mediterranean Sea. In terms of structure, the Wadi Tops leaves resemble rosemary.
The name Wadi refers to a dry river bed, which only fills with water following heavy rainfall.

Tomato, black olive, Basil Cress, mozarella, grilled celeriac, Wadi Tops®, Asanga Cress®

Lamb with crust of Wadi Tops®, celeriac, cauliflower, enoki, zucchini, green asparagus, garlic, onion, roma tomatoes, Scarlet Cress, gravy of lamb, Affilla® Cress, Tahoon® Cress 

Raw marinated mackerel, smoked mackerel, jelly of tomato, dried tomato, granite of tomato, jelly of Yuzu, dried olive, Wadi Tops®, Asanga Cress®