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Fries Ice Cream with Tomato-Strawberry Sauce

Cress used

Fries Ice Cream with Tomato-Strawberry Sauce

Fries with tomato ketchup is one of the most famous food pairings in the world. Why is this combination of salty fries with sweet tomato ketchup so popular? Because they share aromas!

Ice cream

120 g full milk
40 g cream 35% 8 g milk powder
10 g glucose
10 g invert sugar
100 g baked potatoes
a pinch of salt

Mix everything and bring to a boil. Let cool down and sieve (a bit more than 5dl left)

Strawberry / tomato ketchup sauce

70 g tomato pasta
30 g Strawberry, Les vergers Boiron
37,5 g red wine vinegar
17,5 g sugar
7,5 g sugar syrup
100 g glucose
0,9 g xanthan
1,5 g tarragon
0,05 g MSG
5 g lime juice


Mix everything until smooth.

Drizzle sauce on your scoop and finish off with persinette cress.