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Plum Ice Cream with Wasabi and Shiso

Cress used

Plum Ice Cream with Wasabi and Shiso

A typical Japanese combination: plum and wasabi. They're not only a great pair because they share green aromas but also because they balance each other out; wasabi's pungency is the perfect counterpart of a sweet plum’s freshness.

Ice cream

200 g Quetsche ‘Les vergers Boiron’
15 g glucose powder
20 g invert sugar
45 g sugar
150 g full milk
20 g milk powder
38 g cream 35%

Mix everything until smooth and bring to a boil. Then let cool down and sieve.

Wasabi sauce

100 g glucose syrup
12,5 g sugar
20 g wasabi
50 g full milk 125 g Greek yoghurt
5 g lime juice 'Les vergers Boiron'
a pinch of salt


Mix everything until smooth.


Drizzle some sauce over your scoops and garnish with shiso® cress.