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Seared Swordfish with Cockles and Mussels Fricassee

Cress used

Seared Swordfish with Cockles and Mussels Fricassee

Seared Swordfish

Dry the fish on an absorbent paper. Season well and sear in a hot pan with melted butter and oil. Turn the fish on the other side after 2 minutes and finish cooking in the oven 180ºC (in the same pan) for 5 to 6 minutes.

Cockles and Mussels Fricassee

Clean the shellfish and reserve. Cut the pork belly into lardons. Chop the shallots finely and sweat in the butter with the saffron strands. Add the cockles and mussels and the white wine. Cook covered for 2 minutes. Add the cream and cook for a further 4 minutes. Remove the shellfish from their shells and reserve. Pass the sauce and mix with the concasse of tomato and the chopped Tahoon® Cress. Season to taste and serve hot.

Recipe - Franck Pontais